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  • Where are you located?
    We're located at 501-503 Raglan Parade Warrnambool, Victoria 3280
  • Which package should I choose?
    We realise every vehicle is different, that's why we offer a selection of detail packages to suit most requirements. If your vehicle is in need of some love, we suggest our EXTREME, PRE-SALE or DELUXE detail packages to thoroughly cover your vehicles initial requirements, insuring your vehicle is covered from engine bay to boot. Once your vehicle is up to your standard, we suggest our PREMIUM or ULTIMATE packages to keep up with routine detailing maintenance.
  • How often should I have my car detailed?
    It depends on how often you use your car, if it is garaged etc. For a daily use vehicle we recommend every four to six weeks. For trade vehicles we recommend every two to three weeks.
  • I went to your premise but no one was there?
    Our staff only occupy our premise to carry out scheduled services. But you can still contact us during business hours, as our staff work behind the scenes. If you require further assistance please call us, message us on Facebook or send us an email
  • I tried to call but there was no answer?
    Our staff do their best to answer any questions you may have over the phone or online, however we are a hands-on team and we have current booking deadlines to complete. Most questions can be answered via our website. If we are unable to answer our phones straight away please leave us a message and we will respond as soon as we can. We operate from 8am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) so please expect a reply within our business hours. You can call us, message us on Facebook or send us an email.
  • Can I add/remove services from a detail package?
    Yes. Simply choose the service(s) you want to add/remove and leave us a note at checkout. All of the services we offer have individual prices, please contact us if you require an accurate quote. We will only carry out the service(s) required by you unless requested otherwise. In some cases for example a "Machine Polish" is part of a booked package but the vehicle requires a "Cut & Polish", we will not continue with the machine polish but rather suggest you re-book with us for a "Cut & Polish" as the required time for the service will change.
  • Do you remove children's car seats?
    At request we can remove child seats from vehicles. We do not remove child seats or boosters without request. It is up to the owner to remove any child seats prior to our services being carried out. We will work around child seats as best we can however we will not de-anchor them in any way. We always suggest checking childrens car seats anchors prior to re-use.
  • Do you do panel and paint repairs?
    We are unable to offer major panel repairs that require removal or respray. We do however offer a unique technique for deep scratch repair. You will need to contact a reputable panel beater if you require a respray.
  • Trucks - Boats - Motorcycles - Caravans?
    Currently we only take online bookings for services listed within our website. Please contact us regarding recreational or heavy vehicles to confirm bookings.
  • Why do you charge a booking fee?
    In order to successfully book your service online, a $10 booking deposit is required. The booking fee is non-refundable and helps to assure us that you are committed to the service(s) you book. The booking fee is paid by using either PayPal or Square platforms.
  • Do you pick-up and deliver?
    We offer pick-up and delivery of vehicles. Please refer to our pick-up & delivery fee's/charges.
  • Do you steam clean carpets?
    We prefer to use our shampoo extraction method over steam cleaning. We remove the contaminants rather than blow them into the foams and underlay. Traditional shampoo extraction does not allow unwanted moisture to get into electrical components or metal seat frames unlike modern steam cleaning which can cause all kinds of problems.
  • What type of contaminants can you remove?
    Our industrial vacuum systems are able to remove most dirt, sand, pet hair, stones etc. Our shampoo extraction systems are able to remove most stains, liquids, oils etc. Some contaminants may not be able to be extracted from fabrics such as chewing gum, blu tac etc. Roof linings can be difficult. We are unable to use our extraction machines on roof linings due to potential damage to the glue/foam backing manufacturers use. We can remove most marks by hand if safe to do so.
  • I want to book but nothing is available?
    When you book online with us you will see our calendar availability in real-time. The booking calendar will show a blue dot on the available days of the month selected. If the blue dot is not visible it means that there are no available time slots for that calendar month and you will need to select the following month to view current availability.
  • What is a VIP?
    A VIP service is a custom pricing tier for multiple company vehicles such as multi-fleet vehicles or custom dealership plans. To become a VIP you will need to contact us to arrange a custom plan to suit your needs.
  • Booking Fee
    During booking, you will be required to pay a $10 deposit from the total amount in order to complete the booking process. The booking fee is non-refundable, it helps cover our cancellation and administration costs due to "No shows" or "change of mind" You can however, reschedule your service to a later time/date by contacting us within 24 hours prior to scheduled booking. We will only offer a refund of the booking fee due to human or AI error.
  • Custom Quotes
    You can request a custom quote by one of the following methods. Phone: 1300 631 008 Email: Our team do our best to answer our phone system but sometimes due to work load and/or situation at the time we may be unable to answer our phone system straight away. Please leave us a message with your contact details and we will call you back when next available.
  • Time Frame
    All of our services have time slots from start to finish. You can view the time slot in the service description. Our time slots are only estimates and should be considered as such. You will receive a confirmation email with these details upon booking.
  • Cancellations
    For booking cancellations or to reschedule Call us, send us an email or message us on Facebook
  • Availability
    We currently only accept online bookings. Generally if a time/date is not available online it means that that specific time/date has already been booked and you will need to select another suitable time/date. Our schedule availability depends on current scheduled bookings. If the time/date is not showing as available online, it means just that. All of our services are time specific meaning that you can only book when that time is available within our trading hours.
  • Waiting List
    You can request to be added to our waiting list if you wish to receive a call due to cancellation or postpone. Please note: In most cases, It may be quicker to book the service online as our waiting list could be quite long and/or there are limited cancellation or postpone requests.
  • Payment Options
    In-Store: We accept all major credit/debit cards ($2 card surcharge applies), cash and direct deposit. Online: We accept PayPal, Square and direct deposit. Phone: In some cases, we are able to accept over-the-phone card payments. ($2 card surcharge applies)
  • Tax Invoices
    Tax invoices are available upon request. Please let us know if you require a tax invoice, and we will email you a copy to your nominated email address. Payment must be made in full prior or during vehicle collection. Failure to make full payment on receipt may result in POLISH N SHINE PTY LTD taking necessary legal action and any third party collection fee(s) and/or administration fee(s) may be payable.
  • Pick-up & Delivery Fee(s)
    Warrnambool Central $10 each way Dennington $15 each way Koroit/Allansford $25 each way Grassmere $30 each way Please contact us for a pick up and delivery quote for areas outside of these locations.
  • Extremely Muddy Vehicles
    If you bring us an extremely muddy vehicle you will be charged an extra $50 to cover labour and water costs to clean up the mess. If you do not wish to pay this extra fee, please remove any excess mud from your vehicle before bringing it to us.
  • Excess Pet Hair, Sand and Grass
    Excess pet hair, sand, grass takes extra time to extract. Our excess pet hair, sand and grass fee is $70.00. You must notify us if you require this extraction service during your booking. We will not charge this fee unless requested by you however we will not spend extra time extracting excess pet hair, sand, grass without your approval first.
  • Company Registration Details
    "POLISH N SHINE" "POLISH N SHINE Car Detailing" and "The Detail Shop" trading under POLISH N SHINE PTY LTD ACN: 644 473 941
  • Our Insurance
    Our staff, premise and your vehicle are all covered by full comprehensive insurance.
  • GST
    Our company is currently registered for GST ABN 15 644 473 941
  • Online Store
    The Detail Shop You can visit and purchase products from our online store in the main menu. All products are sold locally and are available for pick-up only (no shipping)
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes, You can purchase an eGift Card from our website in the site menu or in-store.
  • Purchasing an eGift card
    To purchase an egift, simply fill in the details and submit your payment. eGifts are redeemable upon vehicle collection. Recipients must book online and are required to pay the required booking fee(s)
  • I have a gift card, How do I book?
    You can book online via our website. Recipients are required to pay a $10 booking fee to successfully book a service.
  • How long do eGift cards remain valid?
    Our eGift cards are valid of 36 months from date of purchase.
  • What if the service costs more than my eGift card?
    If the service you choose costs more than the eGift you can choose to pay the difference after eGift redemption. IE: If the service costs $200 and the eGift is for $100, you can pay the difference in-store.
  • How can a ceramic coating benefit me?
    A ceramic surface coating has many benefits. - Imperial gloss - Scratch and harsh chemical resistance - Bug, tar and fallout prevention - Extreme tempreture resistance A ceramic surface coating adds a thin glass coating over your vehicle. All of our surface coatings come with warranties.
  • Do your coatings come with a warranty?
    All of our urface coatings come with a guarantee. CQuartz UK 3.0 - 2YR warranty Gtechniq Crystal Serum LIGHT - 5YR warranty Gtechniq Crystal Serum ULTRA - 9YR warranty
  • What coatings do you offer?
    We offer CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 9H guaranteed for 2 years GTECHNIQ CRYSTAL SERUM LIGHT 9H guaranteed for 5 years GTECHNIQ CRYSTAL SERUM ULTRA 10H guaranteed for 9 years
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